St. Luke's Episcopal Church - Sandy River Baptism ServiceBelonging Before Belief
St. Luke’s is a community of people who see all people in relationship with God, and through God, with each other. St. Luke’s is, foremost, a community. We belong here not because we all believe the same things, not because we have common backgrounds, not because we choose to live our faith the same way; we belong here because we see God here and because we hear God calling us into relationship.

When you come to St. Luke’s, you’ll receive a warm welcome. This is not because we hope you’ll become a member of the church, sign a pledge card, and start volunteering next week. You’ll be welcomed because Christ continually welcomes us, and sharing this welcome is one way the St. Luke’s community follows Christ. We understand that finding a church community requires prayer and discernment, and that you may need to try a few different places before you find the right fit. We understand that St. Luke’s won’t be the right church for everyone. If the Spirit is drawing you here, come. Rest here for three or four weeks. You will find welcome without pressure. St. Luke’s enthusiastically welcomes members of the LGBTQ community.

St. Luke's Episcopal ChurchSpiritual Practice

Many different ways of believing are represented at St. Luke’s, but the community comes together in spiritual practice. Spirits are fed here. Some of the spiritual practices at St. Luke’s are old school church activities, like eating together at the church picnic or a Shrove Tuesday pancake supper. Some are practices for a new age, informed by our ancient tradition, like coming together to distribute ashes to commuters at the MAX station on Ash Wednesday, or spending Saturday mornings in the summer gardening around the labyrinth and breaking at mid-morning for angelus prayers. Stewardship is an important spiritual practice at St. Luke’s, because we believe that everything we have, and everything we are is a gift from God. We give freely of our financial and time resources for our own spiritual health, and in response to the world’s need.

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