Grace and peace to you in Jesus Christ!  St. Luke’s is a growing church in Gresham and we take hospitality seriously.  When you come to visit we will pray with you in discernment that God will lead you to a faith community that is a spiritual home for you, whether it ends up being St. Luke’s or another place.  We believe that the One which we are seeking is causing us to seek.


Wander, browse, respond as you feel called, and continue on the Great Journey.  We’re glad you stopped by.


The St. Luke’s Community


St. Luke’s is a Believe Out Loud Congregation

Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church is a reconciling, affirming and healing Christian community, dedicated through worship, love, and service to welcome all people just as God created you. No matter what your back ground or status is, including sexual orientation or gender identity, Saint Luke’s will encourage you in your faith journey. Jesus teaches us to welcome all. We believe our church and community does the same. At Saint Luke’s we make a concerted effort to follow the golden rule of loving one another just as Jesus Christ loves us! In the spirit of Saint Luke, artist and physician, connecting people to God, healing and beauty!

Directions to St. Luke’s

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